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Frequently Asked Questions

Average load sizes and weights per material

Q: What can my truck carry?


A: An average full sized truck can carry 2 yards soil ( less for lawn), 2-3 yards mulch, and 1 yard sand or gravel.

Q: How much does a yard weigh?


A: Our soil averages 2000 lbs with lawn being slightly heavier. 3/4" gravel 2500 lbs, sand 2500 lbs, crushed stone 2500 lbs, stone/cobble 2500 lbs, mulch 400-800 lbs, and compost 500-800 lbs.

These are estimates only, and our skilled staff on site will assist in estimating. All load quantities and security are the responsibility of the vehicle owner.


Estimated weight totals subject to change with weather and water weight absorbed during changing seasons.

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