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Garden Soil

Garden Soil Our curated recipe is made on site using locally sourced peat, compost, sand, and fir for ultimate performance. $50 per yard. $30 per half yard.

Premium Lawn Soil

Premium Lawn Soil Our proprietary mixture of compost and sand is the perfect base for new seed and excellent growth. $40 per yard. $24 per half yard.


Compost Locally sourced mix of alder and chicken provides the perfect boost of fertilizer to your plants and projects. $65 per yard. $39 per half yard.

Medium Fine Mulch

Medium Fine Fir Mulch Great insulator for garden beds to suppress weeds and retain moisture. Helps to protect plants against weather conditions. $43 per yard. $26 per half yard.


Sand Unwashed sand best used as paver prep, lawn levelling for pools etc, or masonry. $45 per yard $27 per half yard

3/4" Clear Crush

3/4" Clear Crush Great for decorative landscapes and drainage. Washed and ready to use. $45 per yard. $27 per half yard.

5/8 Driveway Chip

5/8" Driveway Chip Best application as top layer to driveway and roadway. Fine composite will pack well and hold up in frequent use.  $45 per yard $27 per half yard

Blue Crush

Blue Crush This product is a ½” – ¾” chip from blasted blue rock with minimal fines.  Blue chip is used for decorative driveways, paths and landscaping.  This product still provides drainage with the fines and will eventually puzzle its way together for a very tight fit. It's unique tone is sought after for most decorative applications and coupled with it's ability to compact to near concrete solidity makes it a very desirable product. $50 per yard $30 per half yard

3/4" Drainrock

3/4" Drainrock A great alternate to mulch, preventing soil erosion and evaporation of moisture from soil. Further layer of protection for soil in high wind locations to avoid blow off. $45 per yard $27 per half yard


Cobble/Oversized Rock size average from 2" - 6" pieces, natural variance in tone, shape, size and texture. See multiple photos within our "Quote Calculator" section for deatils. Excellent product for borders, fills, or protective edging. $45 per yard $27 per half yard

Navvy Jack

Navvy Jack A pre-mix of sand and gravel that is ideal for mixing concrete, which is cheaper then purchasing small bags of the ready-to-use concrete. Simply mix cement and water to make your desired concrete slump and strength. $55 per yard $33 per half yard

Cart Path

Cart Path Chip is an excellent blend of 1/4" minus rock full of fines that compacts for a solid base. Since it packs so tightly, it is ideal for garden pathways; comfortable to walk on and easy to push a full wheelbarrow on top of. $55 per yard $33 per half yard

Pea Gravel

Pea Gravel Since it has a smooth finish, pea gravel is also regularly used for walkways, dog runs, playgrounds, patios, and a variety of other high-traffic areas. Like crushed stone, pea gravel can also be used for underground projects, such as drainage and pipe bedding. $50 per yard $30 per half yard


6' Wide and sold by Linear Foot at $1.95 per. Commercial grade, plastic woven fibre with minimal water flow. Best laid under decorative stone, RV Pads, or mulch. Also available in a 300' length roll for $500 +tax.

Filter Fabric

Commercial Grade Filter Fabric. Available in 3' or 7' widths, and sold by linear foot. $1.20 per linear foot x 3' $2.10 per linear foot x 7' Best applied around decorative shrubs, trees, and under mulch. This felt fabric allows water absorption, drainage and weed suppression.

Soil Staples - 50 pack

Add on item for the landscape fabrics. Stainless steel, 6" prong, with 1.5" opening. $14.95 per pack

Gift Certificate

Available in any denomination with copy for easy gift giving. Perfect for Mother's or Father's Day, Thank you, and more! Redeem for any retail product or delivery offered by Apex.

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